Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gladness and Sadness

Finally I'm feeling better, and am able to talk! The laryngitis lasted several frustrating days. I'm enjoying my much-improved health.

Yesterday, the carpenter came, and now all the doors within our apartment close properly. The main job was the bathroom door, which needed planing on the bottom and re-framing. The new frame isn't painted yet, but still looks better than the old, cracked framing did. All the other doors work properly, too, without scraping the floor.

George (the carpenter) is coming back next week to re-build our kitchen drawers. That will be a huge relief. The existing ones are SO shoddy, so falling apart! He will use the same fronts, but re-make the insides.

It was seven o'clock in the evening before I even remembered it was my birthday. Oh, well. We're having a great time just being here. We went to visit Kostas and Mena and had a pleasant evening of conversation and looking at old photographs.

Today we took the bus downtown and poked around some second-hand shops and some antique shops. We didn't buy anything, but had a glorious time looking at all the exotic, quaint, colorful stuff. Thre were no bargains. (These people have Internet access, and are very much aware of the value of their goods, thank you!) The sun was out and the sea was sparkling, so it was a holiday atmosphere.

I've just learned that yesterday was Ruby's funeral. Ruby fell in love with my ex quite soon after we had split. She provided him a home, a second house on the same property as hers (and has provided in her will that he is to have the use of it during his lifetime). He managed to keep her happy without every marrying her, but he still came to feel quite close to her, as did the rest of us. She was a kind, generous soul, very good to all of us in my family, much beloved by all. May God give rest to her soul!


Elizabeth said...

Memory eternal to Ruby.

Many Years to you, dear Anastasia ! I am so glad you are feeling better :-)

Mimi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!