Monday, April 6, 2009

Where We Live in Greece

Here's a map of where we live in Greece. I tried publishing this in 2007, but didn't know enough about how to do it and people couldn't see it. Please let me know whether you can see it this time.

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Pan in until you can see a pinkish or mauve marker. Then keep that in the middle while you pan in further.

Our balcony overlooks Gamveta Street (west side of building) and wraps around so the bigger portion overlooks Baron Hirsch Street (north side). That dark area on the north side is a small, more or less triangular park, of which we are very fond. Directly across from that, straight up from the pink marker showing our condo, is a favorite taverna, "The Cry of the Gull". To the right (east) of that is a vacant lot, used for parking, where "our" feral cats live.


Michelle M. said...

That is so exciting!

Mimi said...

Prayers as you travel and for your Holy Week in Greece. How exciting.

Elizabeth said...

That is so neat !!

Victoria said...

Wow, how did you paste the google map into your blog?

Konstantina said...

That's so funny! My husband and I live in Thessaloniki! I know exactly where you live!

What church are you going to for Pascha? Or are you planning on visiting a monastery?

I just came upon your blog from Sylvia's.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

I found the html code to embed; it ws on the map's website.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Hello, Konstantina!

Wow, where in Thessaloniki do YOU live?

We'll be with friends for Pascha, in their village of Nea Syllata.

How about you?

Konstantina said...

We live near the city center. We'll be at St. Anthony's church for Pascha (with the very wonderful Fr./Professor Theodore Zisis.) It's located near Galerius' arch. For Bright week we'll be at a monastery in Serres.

I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful (if that's entirely possible here) stay!

Kalo Pascha kai Kali Anastasi!