Tuesday, October 2, 2012


That’s what Greece is today: surreal. So bizarre that even five years ago, one could never have imagined the current political/economic developments. Can this possibly be for real?

The latest, announced with glee in a major newspaper here (in fact, the major newspaper according to Demetrios), is that now many medical and legal practices will be closing. That’s euphemism for, “will be driven out of business”. Having made it more difficult every day for small businesses to survive (due mostly to extortionate tax and insurance rates plus mountains of red tape), the powers that be are now targeting professional practices. Self-employment, says the newspaper, is no longer acceptable in Europe, will no longer be tolerated. Everyone will have to work for one of the large corporations or for the state. The alleged reason? The self-employed can evade taxes too easily; corporations can’t.



Matushka Anna said...

Corporations can't evade taxes??


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

That, of course, is one reason all this is so surreal.