Saturday, September 22, 2007

Map of our Condo in Greece


Here is a map of our location in Greece. Our building is at the bottom left of the big dark area. That area consist of Baron Hirsch Street, plus a parking lot on the north edge of it, plus (look closely) a triangular park at the southwest edge of it. The park shows as slightly darker than the street. Our balcony overlooks that little park, and wraps around to the street on the west, Gambetta, the main north-south street you see near the middle of the map.

Our apartment occupies whole north half of the building. We are on the 5th floor of seven. (But in Europe, it's counted as the 4th floor, the first one being called "Ground Floor". Isogeion, in Greek, from "iso", equal to, + "geia", earth or ground.)

You will probably have to zoom out one level to see anything. (Click on the minus sign.) You can also zoom out further to see surroundings. Mediterranean Sea to the left.

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DebD said...

Oooh, maps.. I love maps, it helps me get my bearings.

DebD said...

What are those lakes East of you?

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

One is Lake Vasilika and the other is Lake Volvi. Not sure which is which, but have been past them both, driving. They're lovely.

They are at the top of the Halkidiki (Hall-kee-DEE-kee) Peninsula, from which 3 fingers jut into the sea. The easternmost of this is Mount Athos.


Randy Asburry said...

Looks great, Anastasia! I've always loved pictures of Greece, and who knows, maybe I'll get there myself someday. So, please feel free to post pictures!

DebD said...

Ah, thanks now I am getting my bearings.