Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Atheism

We have been watching Richard Dawkins on television expounding his atheism. We are not impressed. He isn't a very deep thinker at all.

If there is no Truth (and I suppose an atheist would have to say there is no Truth with a capital 'T'), then there can be no logic. Because logic pre-supposes that there is some Truth about which to reason. And if there is no logic, there can be no 'evidence', which is his themesong: 'Evidence! Show me some evidence of God!'

Show me the evidence that all this creation came about by pure chance.


James the Thickheaded said...

I suppose Met. Anthony might have considered him one of those atheists of the stomach. See his book: "God and Man" where he speaks with a comparatively intellectually honest atheist. Particularly like the acknowledgement by the atheist therein that atheism has created nothing of beauty: no poetry, no art, no music, nor even the fabric of a moral society. It depends on people of faith for this. Is it enough to point to these things as evidence? of that which is not necessary, but in fact is given? Someone determined to not acknowledge the obvious is insatiable. Perhaps this is the origin of "atheism of the stomach"? Met. Anthony (Bloom) suggests there is no reasoning with these folks.