Friday, October 22, 2010

The Book

We’ve been slaving away for a week now on Demetrios’ book, Chapter One, “The Human Self”. It is at last all organized and everything is correctly said, as far as Demetrios can determine. It is all typed, almost every paragraph fought over (in a friendly manner, of course, because we stopped and took breaks whenever we began to feel exhausted and crabby). It’s a horribly difficult subject, but it’s now written in such a way that I can understand it, so I feel confident his target audience will, too; they’re professionals, after all, and I’m not.

Now all we have to do (we think!) is go over it once or twice more to polish it some, make sure there are no typos, see if anything could be said more crisply or more elegantly. That will be comparatively SO EASY!

I’ve waited so many years to see this finished product, and so has he. If I weren’t so tired I’d be dancing for joy. Nobody has ever come up with an adequate, generally accepted (in psychoanalytic circles) theory or description or even definition of the core human self. We’re hoping this is it.

Of course, Demetrios is already organizing his notes for an addendum to the chapter...


Marsha said...

I would really, really love to read this book, fascinating subject! Can't wait until its finished and published and distributed and all that good stuff.