Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nick and Sharyn are Here!

Our dear friends arrived yesterday from America, not on the flight we expected, but at a similar time, so we had no problem finding them at the airport. We rented a car and Demetrios drove us home like a professional chauffeur - in the same make and model of car we had rejected a couple of weeks ago as too big to be manageable. It is, after all, now we've had some practice.

We kept poor Nick and Sharyn up all day and all evening, showing them a little of Ormskirk and rather more of Southport, doing a lot of walking in the process, and staying out in the sunshine. We are told that is the best way to get over jet lag.

So we all slept soundly last night and no problem appeared until this morning, as none of us had showered last night. Nick and Sharyn are used to a bathroom apiece, and now there are four of us, so it took all the time until 10:00 to get us all ready in time to greet Elias, who came to tea then. My hair was still damp.

I told Nick we can solve this problem very easily: he and Sharyn shower one day, and we the next. Just teasing! He forgot that the bath towel hanging on one of the hooks behind his door was mine (only place to hang it) and took it for a clean towel and used it for his own shower. Oh, well.

Sharyn put it best; she said we were family now, observing that you can't live in such close (not to say cramped) quarters without becoming family. True enough. It really is a small flat, and to all the people I've ever invited here, I think I should suggest that you come when Demetrios and I are elsewhere, so you can have it all to yourselves.

So we're at the library now, so Nick (and I) can get our e-mail and so forth on the library computers, and then we're off to Liverpool for the afternoon. Tomorrow we are going to take a 2-day trip in the hired car, although we haven't quite settled upon where to go. Sometime today we will come up with two plans, and tomorrow choose whichever one the weather most favors - having first taken care to provide ourselves with appropriate MAPS! then we'll come back here for a night, then take the other 2-day trip. (May as well get lots of use from the car while we have it!)

So Nick and Sharyn will be here until Monday when they return to Richmond, and we're heading off for Greece on Wednesday. It means I may not have another chance to post until we're in Greece; not to worry about us, dear ones!


Anam Cara said...

So Nick and Sharyn have missed the earthquake!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Yes, but its epicenter was quite close to where their daughter and son-in-law live.

We only found out about it last night (Thursday night), having been away.

Alissa's Wedding Dream said...

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