Monday, September 19, 2011

Shopping Downtown

Thursday, 15 September

Another scorcher today. It makes us reluctant to get out and do things.

We nevertheless went downtown to see about having a liturgical stole made for our English friend Stuart, in honor of his ordination last June. After rather much asking about, we finally found the shop; and that it was full of priests was an encouraging sign. So in we went, chose the fabric, chose the appliqu├ęs and other trimmings, and gave instructions how it should be modified more to resemble an Anglican stole. It’s to be ready a week from tomorrow. We are very pleased.

Then on our way to find a bite to eat, we came upon a Yarn Shop. I walked in and said aloud, “I must be in Paradise!” and the woman behind the counter said , “Me, too!”

There was a man behind the counter as well, who inquired whether Demetrios knits. (By now, you are of course cringing, yes? You are saying to yourself, "Of all the wrong things to ask Demetrios!")

“No, no,” said Demetrios. Then, leaning across the counter, his hand to his mouth as if about to tell a secret, he said in a confiding tone, “The very first requirement for knitting is to be a woman!”

Well, this is the sort of thing one has to bear in a mixed marriage; it's a perfect example of why we discourage True Knitters from marrying non-knitters.

But sometimes things just work out perfectly, don't they? The man behind the counter smiled and said, “I knit.”

“Bravo!” said I. “So does my brother-in-law. He crochets, too. Are any of the lovely items I see here made by you?"

They were, and he proceded to show us several, revealing great talent. HE is a True Knitter.

Anyway, we picked out some yarn, some for the charity knitting and some for making scarves for Mena and Ianna, six skeins altogether.

Demetrios says the yarn shop couple are not Greeks. Well, their yarn comes from Russia, I observed. Oh, well, then, they may be Russian Greeks; a lot of those have left Russia and come here recently. They're not GREEK Greeks.

Sometimes life can be so entertaining.