Sunday, August 26, 2012

John Coventry!!!

24 August, Friday

Today another of Demetrios' long-held dreams came true.  We received a telephone call from his long-lost friend, John Coventry.  John is the one who first brought Demetrios to England, and his father is the one who found Demetrios his first job, here in Ormskirk.

It turns out this most joyous re-connection came about as a result of our recent excursion to Crosby.  We found the Coventrys' house and left a note to the new occupants, asking for their help in finding any of the Coventry family.  They knew how to get in touch with Roger, from whom they had bought the house, and he passed the word, without telephone number, to his brother, John.

We're going on our delayed trip to Cambridge after all, so we won't be able to see John (and his wife!) until we get back, but we are so excited!!  Rejoice with us!  Few things in life are better than finding old friends.


Emily H. said...

How neat! So happy for you and Demetrios!