Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Prophet Among Us?

About a month before he died, Kostas’ daughter Liana came upon him in his office holding a photograph of his mother and kissing it and weeping and saying, “Mama, I will soon be with you!”

After his cardiac arrest and resuscitation, Mena said to him, “Well, you survived this one.” He smiled and shook his head and said, “It makes no difference. I will be gone soon.”

Another time, Mena, visiting Kostas in hospital, was giving him news of a friend, and Kostas said, “Poor thing; she is going to have a very hard time at work.” And a few days later, she did begin having serious problems at work. Another time, about another friend, Kostas said, “He will be with me in the hospital.” And the man was indeed hospitalized before Kostas died.

That’s a perfect score so far; three out of three. But there’s another, happier prediction; Kostas told Liana she would some day give birth to twins. As she assures us she isn’t pregnant and as she isn’t married, either, we shall have to wait a while to see if this one comes true.

We all look around at each other and wonder, did we have a prophet in our midst? Did God give him that gift toward the end? It certainly seems to us he was humble and meek and compassionate the caring enough to have been a prophet.


DebD said...

I've heard of similar stories about people near the end of their life... but not so many in one person. I hope they bring comfort to Mena

Steve Robinson said...

God gives super abundant grace to the humble.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Humble might be the best word to describe him. Or else "loving".