Monday, June 10, 2013

Catching Up

I've been neglecting my blog, not so much for lack of things to say as for not supposing them to be very interesting.  In a way, life has been pretty boring, with my broken foot limiting what I can do, but in some small ways, life is still full of interest, even though I spend it mostly in one small room.  There is still the life going on all around me.  I can hear Lorraine's broom as she sweeps the pavement outside her shop, and smell people's midday meals cooking all morning, and see the sky and the treetops and women on balconies hanging out their laundry.  There is a parade of street vendors, crying their wares, fruits and vegetables and flowers.  (This is something I never saw here in previous years, probably a sign of the hard times.)  We buy from them sometimes; it is the only remaining alternative to supporting the big, multinational grocery chains. There are buskers (street musicians) singing and playing accordion, usually.  There are the gypsies coming around to haul off your junk for repair and resale, or just for parts.  And there are the birds, come to eat the food we put out for them every day.  

Lately a pair of pigeons has found its way to our balcony.  They usually come when all the other birds have had their fill and gone elsewhere.  This morning they came right along with everybody else.  The doves sent out their champion against them, but the pigeons won the battle and a place at the table.  Now they are all eating together in peace.  We do not put out anything for the crows, but they, too, are very active in our vicinity.  

I do get out.  I go see Lorraine and chat with her for an hour here and there, in between customers.  She is fortunate enough to have a good number.  I noticed recently that she buys her things from - guess where? - those big, international grocery chains.  I go to the Drunken Duck now and then mainly to use their wi-fi and avoid using the cellular data card I pay for, and I drink a tall glass filled half-and-half with cherry juice and banana juice.  Yum!  Demetrios takes me out two or three evenings a week, to some coffee shop or cafe, usually by the sea.  Last night we went out with Leonidas and Ianna.  

Thursday we met with the friends for that theological discussion they began last year; more on that in another post.  I really prefer just being with our friends, because then we are doing the theology instead of discussing it.

My splint came off two weeks ago, and I graduated to using both feet, but still walking behind my rolling chair or else using crutches.  Yesterday I was able to shower standing up, for the first time in 8 weeks.  Sweet!  And I began walking unaided (except by Demetrios' arm) outside the house, although indoors, I still use the "walker" wherever it is not inconvenient.  But the nice thing is, I can abandon it briefly when it IS inconvenient.    Getting there!

Christos is still in very poor shape and the cause of it does not appear.  At one point it seemed to be hypoglycemia, but blood sugar tests show his sugar to be in fact a wee bit high.  He is up to a full dose now of his anti-depressant, and it does seem to have helped his sleep and his attitude some, but his overwhelming exhaustion continues unabated.  He does not walk more than 10-20 paces before sitting down.

So we still are not sure when we will be able to go to England.  Demetrios is not yet perfectly at ease on whether or  not Christos can survive on his own.  


elizabeth said...

I find the details of people's lives interesting. I know how hard it is to wait to heal. You are making progress. It takes time... I remember when I first went outside and had gelato in Ottawa after my broken foot! Oh, how wonderful it was! just to be out, see people... I am glad you have your husband; when I broke my foot I went through many hours alone but my church family blessed me by coming; it was hard as was not able to cook or bathe really; lots of time on the bed with my cat Cleo...

sending my love to you. Hang in there.

DebD said...

I know exactly how you feel about blogging. And I know how you feel about friend gatherings. I prefer just to be together and enjoy the company rather than having theological discussions - especially serious ones. But then again, I'm not good at that anyway.

Glad you're healing up nicely.