Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kitten Update

She's three weeks old today, and doing pretty well. She's now eating 6-7 times a day and filling her stomach each time, so you can't ask her to do more than that, now, can you? She's putting on weight and looking and acting better.

Now if we could just get the back end to function as smoothly as the front end! This KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) tends to constipate her; she has a hard time moving her bowel. I've been giving her stool softener for humans, but so far apparently in doses too small to be effective. Either that or it just doesn't work in cats. If this isn't corrected by tomorrow morning, I'll seek veterinary advice.

One nice thing about fostering a kitten instead of my usual squirrels, raccoons, oppossums, bats, birds, and bunnies is that you can "luv on 'em," as we say here. You can and should pet them and kiss them and play with them and cuddle them, whereas with wild animals, you don't do that, because to be releasable and survive in the wild, they have to fear humans. So I'm enjoying this little, warm, purry furball.