Monday, December 10, 2012

A Saint in our Tree

Jesus in a Potato Chip (Crisp)

Madonna and Turtle Child in a Tree Stump
You know how some people see Jesus in the clouds, or the Virgin Mary in the brown marks on a pancake? 

Well, there's a very clear image of a saint in one of the trees in our back yard.

It's a bishop, as is obvious from his vestments (Orthodox style), and a young one; his beard is still black.  His eyes, of course, are gazing upward into the heavens, leading me to suppose he may be Western, and there's something indistinct cradled in his arms (a cross?  a baby?  long-stemmed flowers?).   

This is a much better image than the ones you typically see in photos (such as these).  Please, somebody tell me who this could be, who has deigned to grace our tree, so I can begin to publicize this apparition and get rich selling sandwiches to, and accepting offerings from, all the pilgrims who will flock to see him!


Sarah in Indiana said...

Perhaps you will be blessed enough to have the saint reveal himself to you in a dream.

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