Thursday, February 21, 2013

Double Birthdays

Mom and Wendy and I had a wonderful time visiting Mom's brother Bob in Naples, Florida and celebrating his birthday and Wendy's on Monday.  Mostly we enjoyed each other and the warm weather, but Uncle Bob also had things planned for us to do, which were great fun.  Monday, Uncle Gene came over, their younger brother, although even he is eighty-something.  I had not seen him in about 20 years, I think.  Wendy hadn't seen him since her teen years.  But he was always a favorite of ours.

Two Octogenarians, Mom and Her Brother, Gene

On Tuesday, we "went alligator-hunting", in Unhcle Bob's words.  Naples is on the Gulf Coast, and about as far south as you can get on that side of Florida, as everything south of is is pretty much swamp.  (Wetlands, I thihnk I am supposed to say nowadays.)  So we ventured into the Big Cypress National Preserveandf thence to Everglades City.  Here's some of what we saw on our adventure.
Cottonmouth, aka Water Moccasin.  A whole "nest" full of them is at upper left, out of focus.
Yes, they're poisonous.


Anhinge, having speared a fish, flips his head; the fish slides off his beak and into his mouth.

Anhinge, cousin to cormorant, drying his wings

Photo snapped an instant too late, but the water tells us something.  An alligator has just
leapt out of the water and pounced upon a fish.

On Wednesday afternoons, Uncle Bob Volunteers at a conservancy.  He pilots a tour boat and talks about the things the boat passes on the way.  So we took his 3:00 boat tour.  Mostly what we saw was mangroves and egrets. 
Snowy Egret


Uncle Bob, with Anna and Callie, granddaughters of a neighbor, in jacuzzi

We came home today, and I know Uncle Bob was glad to have his condo to himself again and relax.  For us, it's a memory to treasure!


DebD said...

great photos. Happy birthday to both!