Monday, October 7, 2013

Nights Out, Part 2

Last Thursday night, we met at the house of Ioannis and Mena, and here are some pictures from there.

Ioannis, with Mena

Vasilis, Demetrios, Ioannis's wife Mena, and the other Mena, widow of Kostas


I only took photos of some of us; the others must await another time.  To tell you the truth, I wanted to show you the house in this case.  The only people of this (theological discussion) group I haven't shown you so far are Takis and his wife, Maria.  They usually come late.  Maria has Altzheimer's and getting her out is obviously an increasingly difficult job.

The house, or the compound, rather, is for sale.  Very nice property in the country.  Mountain views.  Spacious apartments for all of Ioannis and Mena's children.  One, however, is a nun in a nearby convent (in Souroti) and the others don't want to live out there where there are no jobs and there's nothing for young people to do.  So Ioannis and Mena are upping stakes to live in ttheir city apartment.


GretchenJoanna said...

These are wonderful pictures you've been posting, and I especially love the glimpse of your friends and their houses, after hearing about some of them for years - thank you!

The picture of the chickens under the truck is one of my favorites -- and the knitting from pins!!