Thursday, January 24, 2008

Attention Cat Lovers!

I received this tonight from my fellow wildlife rehabber, Amber. Please e-mail me if you live anywhere near Richmond, Virginia, Northern Virginia, Maryland, or North Carolina and want a very nice cat.

Hey all! Need a home for a very huge lovable cat. She showed up at our bus stop one day hungry and lost. I have nursed her back to health and then some. I have tried, but I haven’t been able to find her home. I have been caring for her for a couple of months, but she cannot stay with us. She’s used to being an outside cat, but I believe she could be converted. She hates cold weather, loves large blankets to sleep on and does use a litter box faithfully. She loves kids(even my 2), but not other cats. I have 2 indoor cats already and per husband and budgets I cannot keep her. I have been housing her in my animal room, but with bird season around the corner….. Lets just say that today proved she cannot stay there.

PLEASE call me if you can give her a good home and pass this message on to anyone that might be able to help. She’d make a great single indoor cat or a barn cat. She wants attention and she loves to eat. I don’t know anything else about her except we are guessing she’s 2 years old and I believe she has been spayed. She’s gray with white feet and we’ve been calling her “Sneakers”.