Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Celebrity Meme

Here's a meme I found that intrigues me:

If you could spend 24 hours with a celebrity:

1. Who would s/he be?
2. Where would you expect him/her to bring you?
3. Where would you bring him/her?
4. What would you like to do with him/her?
5. What’s the one thing you’d been always wanting to ask the celebrity?
6. If s/he didn’t treat you well, would s/he be your favorite celebrity?
7. What would you give to him/her as a gift before saying goodbye so s/he’d remember you?
8. Tag 3 people.

I have always wanted to meet Queen Elizabeth.

I suppose she would bring me to Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.

I would probably bring her to the Jefferson Hotel downtown for tea. No way would I bring her to my house. I'd have to spend a fortune first, getting it anywhere near fit for a queen. Why would she be interested in it anyway?

Tea is what I'd mainly like to do with her. It would be fun to go to each other's church services together, too. (I wouldn't dream of spending a full 24 hours with her, though.)

The one thing I've always wanted to ask (but without a clear invitation, never would) is whether she enjoys being the Queen, and why or why not.

She always treats everyone well, at least on the surface. That would suffice. I wouldn't expect her actually to like me and that wouldn't matter very much. (She would not appreciate being asked any personal questions, I think, and those would be the ones I'd be dying to ask! I wouldn't ask them, but it would likely be very clear I wanted to.)

Do not know! What does one give a queen? She has everything. Perhaps a small photo album containing half a dozen pictures of our visit together? Perhaps an Orthodox prayer book?

I tag Anne the Weekend Fisher, Steven Robinson, and Christopher Hall.