Friday, June 26, 2009


Monday, June 22, 2009

Our time in Greece draws to its end while my paid-for hours of Internet time are approaching zero. That’s another way of saying I don’t know when I can post again.

Our only other big plan (only other thing I plan to write about) is a wedding in the ancient and very picturesque village of Nymphaios, high up in the mountains, in “The Balcony of Macedonia,” very near FYROM (which is what people here still call the Former Republic of Yugoslavia). We will pack on Friday, leave here very early Saturday morning, God willing, attend the wedding and some of the reception, and come home again the same night, courtesy of Chrysostomos and Roula. Then after church on Sunday, we’ll head for the airport and England.

I think our hotel there has free wireless Internet access. If so, I’ll write from there; otherwise I don’t know.

We are scheduled to return home July 8.

OH – Demetrios decided to replace half our windows and doors after all! So two sliding glass doors and one window are scheduled to be put in Today, the ones facing north, which is where the wind comes from. Well, with that and packing, it’s going to be one hectic day!

After that, what will remain to make this house properly functional is to replace two more sliding glass doors and one window, the stove, the refrigerator, and the television. After that, all that’s left will be various beautification projects, most of them comparatively minor.

I hope, if we find a house in England, it will already be more or less as we like it.


elizabeth said...

safe travels! and glad a home has been found for kitty, now Basil. :)

Nikol Konstante said...

Hi Anastasia!

I've just bump into your blog through this post:
Elder Paisios in the light of Transfiguration.

I just wanted to thank you!

take care