Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just Checking In

Sylvia and Dwight are still here, leaving early in the morning. We've been having a great time, but have been too busy to write it down! I will begin doing that on Monday and publish stuff as I'm able. Sylvia took a lot of pictures, so our trip "chronicles," as we've been calling them, will be illustrated for once, but not right away. Sylvia is going to send me a CD of the photos to my Richmond address and I'll add them later.

We spent 3 days in Athens, did the Acropolis/Parthenon, saw where St. Paul stood to preach to the Athenians, went to a fabulous museum, spent a day on the island of Aegina.

Then we spent a few days showing them around Thessaloniki, and finally, we spent two days at Kavala, the ancient Neapolis mentioned in Acts 16. We also toured the ruins of ancient Phillipi, acres and acres of them, including the town jail, the prison where St. Paul and St. Silas were held, which was opened by the earthquake, where the Philippian jailor was ready to commit suicide. We climbed around inside Kavala's castle, wandered along its aquaduct, did many other fun things.

Sylvia, as always, every trip I've ever been on with her (this being the fifth), made me walk at least 5 miles every single day, half of it uphill. We've now climbed the Glastonbury Tor (500 feet at a steep angle), Diamondhead, countless castles in England, our favorite being Tintagel, and now we've climbed the Acropolis and other hills here. (We've been up the Eiffel Tower together, too, but that was on an elevator. We only remembered, as the elevator doors were closing, how afraid we both are of heights...)

It takes a lot of calories to keep up that kind of pace, by the way. We were forced to replenish our calorie supply frequently! (Sylvia says we ate our way through Greece, and that's what she no doubt means.)

Kitty is still with us; once our guests leave I will begin a more concentrated campaign to find him a home. He thinks I'm his mother and tries to nurse on my ear.

More as soon as I can get to it, as in perhaps the day after tomorrow.


elizabeth said...

sounds like a wonderful and busy time! good to hear from you!

Claire said...

What an adventure you're having!