Thursday, July 29, 2010

Learning to Live in England, Part 21

Sunday, 25 July

Today after church, Elias organized 8 of us to go out for coffee after church. There was Zisis, the young man studying shipping administration, and Artemis and Chrysostomos, a young engaged couple, John (Ioannis), who ran a news agency in Liverpool before retiring, and another Elias, a cardiac surgeon with startling, bluegreen eyes. We had a lovely time getting acquainted with those who were new to us, and furthering our acquaintance with the ones we had already met. We all got along famously.

When everyone else had left except us and John, we were still hungry, so John showed us where the Greek restaurant is, just diagonally opposite the ruined St. Luke's Church. (The impressive thing about St. Luke's is that the entire outside of it, except window glass, is intact. It's simply missing the inside.)  The restaurant is called Zorba's, naturally.  Pictures of Anthony Quinn in that role on the walls.

So the three of us shared a huge dinner meant for two, very tasty and more than enough for all three. We had intended to spend the afternoon at the Tate Gallery (Yes, I know, when you think Tate you think of London, but there's a branch in Liverpool as well.) but the afternoon slipped away in animated conversation instead, with John as well as with the proprietor, who is Demetrios also, but prefers to be called Leonidas. The discussion ranged from John's sad life story to whether St. Constantine the Great was Greek or Roman to something I didn't understand about Turkey. Most of the conversation was in English, but it was the Greek I didn't always follow.

It's been a hard nut to crack, but I think we've done it! Or rather, Elias has done it for us. There's a way to go yet; we are by no means entirely 'in', but I imagine word will spread now that we don't bite.