Friday, July 16, 2010

The Vatican's Latest on Women Priests

Yesterday the Vatican made it 'a crime against sacraments' to attempt to ordain a woman.  There is considerable debate here in England on whether this was intended as a warning to the Church of England.

No, not exactly.  It's aimed at putting down rebellion in the Catholic ranks, and it's also bait dangled in the face of disaffected Anglican clergy:  Come to Rome, where we do not do this. 

The document also compared the 'crime against sacraments' to that 'crime against morals', pedophilia.  They are to be regarded as equally egregious.   (See?  We Catholcis have rampant pedophilia, but the rest of you have what is just as bad, so shut your mouths.)

Obviously, the Anglicans aren't the only ones to have had their Sacred Tradition bled away.  So has Rome before, to be making this a legal issue. 

And offending most women in the process by comparing them to pedophiles.