Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Checking In... you know we're still having great fun doing very little!

I took another fall a few days ago, but am entirely unhurt in any way, lucky me.  I lost my balance in the shower (don't ask) and fell in slow motion, having grabbed the shower curtain.  I did have the presence of mind to let go the hand-held shower in time to keep it from ripping out of the wall.  Ended up looking quite ridiculous, at right angles to the tub, my back on the carpet, my knees over the side of the tub, with the shower curtain on top of me.  Well, it gave me a good laugh, anyway. 

As the medicine cabinet we put up so inexpertly last year has also come down under the weight of all the toiletries in it, our bathroom looks a proper wreck now; we're having a man come in on Saturday to get it back in oder.

I was lazing around in my robe the other day, not even having combed my hair or washed my face, and was knitting, thinking in another half hour I'd get around to being civilized, when the buzzer rang, the intercom at the outside door.  It was a neighbor who asked if she could speak to me a moment, so fearing some sort of urgent problem, I let her in.  She had just come to meet me!  Her name is Agnes and she's ever so nice.  Eighty-some years old, and has an older sister living in our apratment block as well.

Anyway, she invited us to tea in her flat, and yesterday was the day.  Her sister Anna came, too.

Agnes had done her homework!  She has a small bookcase in her living room, but it seems to be full of all sorts of reference books.  Agnes had looked up Richmond, Virginia in her atlas, and had looked up "Anastasia" in her book of saints' names and had found my saint, the Roman matron, the Pharmacolytria, and had read about her life.  Now I think that's impressive!

We're all going out to lunch one day soon at their favorite area restaurant.  I just need to fix the day.

I've now met enough people that once in a while one of them calls out to me in the street, and I do the same.  Now that's fun!  You begin to feel a part of town life.

Because we were here on Sunday afternoon (for a change), I discovered that there's a concert in Coronation Park's bandstand every Sunday afternoon.  I had assumed it would all be rock bands, but not so.  This was a more varied band, and I enjoyed them very much.  The final number was, of course, "God Save the Queen," and I am either pleased or sorry to report that I was the first one to my feet and the only one to sing the words.  To the tune, you know, of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee".

Elias came for lunch yesterday and for a special treat, brought his elder daughter with him, Maria, whom we haven't seen since last year.  I love cooking for him as he so obviously loves eating it. 

And that's the news from Lake Woebegone Ormskirk.


elizabeth said...

sounds like a lot of good things; so sorry about the fall; that can feel scary. Hugs and love from Ottawa :)

GretchenJoanna said...

Thank God you weren't hurt! I have fallen on the stairs a few times and I usually suffer some aches and bruises afterward.

It's splendid that you are getting to know the neighbors.

Emily H. said...

!!! Well, I'm glad you're not hurt! You must have a super-fast brain to think of letting the shower head go before you pulled it out!