Friday, July 1, 2011

We're Doing Great, thank You...

...but nothing to write home about.  We're doing some of the same things we always do, just in England.  Have some special things lined up, but for now it's working on D's book, doing my charity knitting, attending our various groups, walking around Ormskirk, exploring it, reading a lot, both serious and fun stuff.

Weather is not co-operating.  We're veen lucky it's mostly dry, but still cold.  Cold, not chilly.  There has been only one day when we could go out without sweater or jacket (and even that is sometimes not quite enough), and we still have the radiators going most nights. 

I'm (temporarily, I hope) sick of blogging, though.  Much more fun to read other people's blogs!


elizabeth said...

good to 'hear' from you again. we go through times of more silence. blessed weekend to you; wonderful that this weekend is the feast of St. John of Shanghi

DebD said...

yes, so good to hear from you. I totally understand about wanting to take a blogging break. I'm feeling the same way. Just doing what I normally do, but don't really feel the need to blog about it.

Hope it warms up soon.