Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Doings

We've been having fun meeting friends.  Spent last weekend in Nea Syllata with Kostas and Mena.  Tomorrow we are ging to Chalkidiki, to one of the little "fingers" projecting from that northern peninsula, to the home of Pelagia and George there.  Tomrrow night, back to Syllata, and Saturday, in Syllata, a big barbecue with numerous friends invited.  Until now, various people have been away. Mena and Kostas spent a week in Mitilini; Leonidas and Ianna in Bulgaria, Manolis and Vasilea in Crete.  Very little time to blog; all time in between socializing is spent RESTING!

Yesterday, Demetrios called up the office of a news analyst on the local TV channel and actually got an appointment to go see the man tonight!  So that's where he is, while I have sneaked off to the internet cafe.   What a thrill for Demetrios.  He can spend all evening taliking politics with someone knowledgeable who seems also to have similar views.  He can ask all sorts of questions, too.  I can hardly wait to hear his report.

We are trying to see how best to improve our rather unpleasant little bathroom, tossing around various ideas.  It needs a complete makeover, shower, sink, cabinetry and tiles all to be ripped out.  Trouble is, it's so small there's little we can do to improve it, but we're still going to try.

Remind me to tell you the story of that shower sometime!