Monday, October 31, 2011

A Hint for Lace Knitters Especially but not Exclusively

The following are hazards when working lacy patterns (or when knitting anything, really):

Untrimmed fingernails and hangnails

Buttons on cuffs

Buttons down the front of your shirt (You can tie an apron around your neck.)

Jewelry: watches, bracelets, brooches

Another Hint for Lace Knitters

One of my lace pattern books admonishes me that “lace is worked in white.” Well, white or off-white, traditionally. Nobody knows why, and today we are allowed to work lace in any color, although white is still usual. If you tuck into your knitting bag a cloth of contrasting color, perhaps a napkin or placemat, you will be sure to have something upon which to lay your work and see what it looks like.

And do stop to admire your work often. Very often.