Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Best Lies Are the Ones all Jumbled up With Truth

I’m a sucker for conspiracy theories.  The only conspiracy theory I never fell for at some time or other was that Roosevelt knew in advance the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor. It’s the only one I never believed and it turned out to be true beyond dispute.  A few years ago a man named Robert Stinnett wrote a book, “Day of Deceit”, which proves it conclusively.  Roosevelt was tracking every movement of the Japanese Navy, which, contrary to what was said at the time, did not maintain radio silence.  Roosevelt not only knew what was coming (hence, moved all the modern warships out of Pearl Harbor days before, for “exercises”, leaving only outdated ships in the Harbor), he’d deliberately provoked it.

But don’t call the political ideas I’ve been espousing of late conspiracy theories.  Last night on television, I actually heard the Greek Prime Minister, Mr. Papandreaou, say it aloud.  In his perfect American English, yet, because as you may know, he is a Greek American, educated at Berkeley (and Harvard, I think).  He said the financial problem is not just in Greece, but in many countries, and it isn’t just within the borders of the countries, but crosses borders, is an international problem.  True, so far.  The problem, he said, is a system by which some countries prosper and others don’t, and in which there is a big divide between ordinary people and – I quote – “a rich, ruling class.”  There it is, openly stated:  there’s an international gang of rich elites who are the ones who really run this world.  Okay, Mr. P., I’m with you so far.  You of course have to admit all this, because you’re aware the people here have already figured it out. 

But then comes the Big Lie, in his assertion that this is the problem “we have to fix.”  Yes, but…

But who’s we?  The “rich ruling class”?  As they indeed rule, aren’t they the only ones who could “fix” the problem, and does anyone really believe they want to reform the very system that has made them rich and powerful?  OH, and by the way, Mr. Papandreaou himself is actually one of the rich ruling class.  Has he ever been known to work in the best interests of his people?  No, he is the one who brought about the current crisis, and did it deliberately, to pave the way for this proposed fix.  It was rather naïve, perhaps, for him to think we should trust him to fix the problem he himself precipitated.

(To be fair, whatever I say about him or his party applies equally to the other political party.  They’re also bought and owned and run by the “rich ruling class”.)

So for him to imply he’s on our side is the first part of the Big Lie, and the second part is, of what does this proposed “fix” consist?  Why, of course, it’s going to be an international something that consolidates and strengthens and protects and enhances the wealth and the power of the “rich ruling class”.  A tiny bit more specifically, it’s going to be what one Greek politician calls a “pan-cosmic economic government”, meaning world-wide, although I think they’ll settle for a pan-European economic government at first.  Ahhh, a centralized economic/financial system.  Does that sound familiar?  Um, isn’t that what the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics tried to do, so disastrously?  (Mr. Papandreaou calls himself a Socialist.)

By its very nature, there’s only one thing such a “fix” could be, behind whatever Halloween costume they use to dress it up, and that’s a pan-European dictatorship.  The EU is already talking about putting an international (but mostly German) “Troika”, such as now directs the Greek economy, in place in other countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, to manage their economies as well.  And by “Troika” we do not mean merely the three men at the top; we mean people who come and sit in every ministry of the government and tell it what to do; we mean a whole foreign administration.  The Greeks (and other countries, if the EU has its way) will now be governed with German efficiency.  That’s what people here are calling the “Fourth Reich”.

I don’t know, but would like to find out, who will be paying all these people.  I suspect the German taxpayer will be. German taxpayers are already being soaked for bail-out money, which is why they, too, are unhappy.  They are no more interested in paying to acquire colonies than Greeks are in being a colony.