Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Something to Consider

h/t Fr. Andrew Damick

I am not, or at least not yet, a convinced supporter of Ron Paul, but as I've said before (and will explain in more detail another time) I am unable to consider any of the others. John, over at Ad Orientem, has expressed my thoughts on this candidate very well

This video is educational and sobering and well worth your attention.


Anam Cara said...

I read your comment on Ad Orientem.

Sometimes you must hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils if only as a vote AGAINST another candidate.

David Garner said...

Stolen and put on my Facebook page. That was awesome. Thanks so much for sharing

Anonymous said...

I too am supporting Ron Paul!

James the Thickheaded said...

I like his foreign policy stand. His stand on medicare, social security and immigration... uh... not much. He is dogmatically rigid, and some will see that as a virtue. A man with a backbone in a land of invertebrates... is an uncommon thing. He has integrity. Fine.

But does he have a heart? That's what's unknown. The old Confucious line about a man of virtue knows when the virtuous thing is to behave otherwise... in other words, to bend, to sway, and yet to do so in order to hold...that is what we're after. Realism as well as courage.

Chris Jones said...

But does he have a heart? That's what's unknown.

Good question, but not one that I think you will find an answer to in the course of a political campaign. Better, I think, to look at his life, at what he has done.

In Congress, he has consistently voted in accordance with his constitutionalist principles. If you think that is heartless, then so be it. In his private life, however, as an obstetrician Dr Paul has delivered thousands of babies -- and never performed or referred for a single abortion. That works for me.