Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whoa, Did Something Die in Here? Oh, It Was Freedom

h/t to John at Ad Orientem

Congress has just passed a bill that, if if becomes law, will take away all your rights if you are ever accused of having anything to do with terrorism.  Of course you are no terrorist, and would rather die than support any terrorist, so you aren't worried, right?  You should be.  Because it doesn't matter if such a charge is flat-out, obviously ridiculous and outrageous and you have totally been framed; you won't have a chance to defend yourself in a civilian court.  And you may be incarcerated by the military without any charges indefinitely.


P.S.  It will be instructive to see whether Mr. Obama will veto this legislation.  Don't count on it.  Letters to him might be useful, though. 


David Garner said...

To his credit, President Obama has threatened a veto, which just goes to show that for all his faults, he still has more integrity and guts than his weak kneed colleagues