Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lines for Knitters, Written Late at Night

No knitting late at night!
This should be the knitter’s creed.
Do your laundry, eat a bite,
Take a book and read,
But No Knitting Late at Night!

No Knitting Late at Night!
Learn a pattern, check your stash,
But never think the rule to scorn
Don’t be tempted, don’t be brash:
You’ll feel a fool come morn.

No Knitting Late at Night!
For then our minds are not so bright;
We’re sleepy and dim-witted,
Each stitch you knit by man-made light,
Next day must be unknitted.

No Litting Nate at Kite!
By time for bed, it looks alright,
But in the clearer sight of day,
Not just the night’s work’s not okay,
The rows below are now a fright.

No Nitting Kate at Light!
How late is late? You cannot fix
The hour or the season.
"Late" can be as soon as six
If fatigue has dulled your reason.