Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recovering, Gradually

Tuesday, 16 April, 2013

News of the Boston Marathon bombings only reached us this morning, via the pharmacist.  As it is to much later here than there, the first news of it came after we were already in bed.  Well, what's to say?  These tragedies are going to continue and innocent people will suffer, but this is not a political blog (at least regarding American politics), so - no comment, only prayers.

I hurt a lot less today.  I've resumed some of my household tasks, no doubt to Demetrios' relief.  He has been wonderful through this.  My only problem is going to be convincing him to get my some crutches.  I CAN get out of this apartment on crutches and do it safely. "Take me to Mena's house," I said, "And I will use her crutches to demonstrate my proficiency with them!"   My chance will no doubt come soon.  So far, I keep busy reading, writing, knitting, watching the BBC, and doing my Greek lessons, but no way am I going to let a tiny break in a small bone keep me siting around in this wee flat for six straight weeks!

Dr. Theo's other and primary patient, Christos, says he has begun to drink more, is trying to eat more, and is taking his medications and dietary supplements.  He says he has stopped smoking, too, but by that he means he only takes a dozen or so puffs a day on his pipe (having no strength to puff more).

We have the results from the slew of tests he had, and so far, no physical thing appears that could account for his overwhelming weakness.  So as of today, he starts an anti-depressant, which we hope will lead to improvement.  It will take perhaps a month for the medicine to take full effect, so we wait to see.  It's only a guess, but it's the only guess.

He is also proceeding with some alacrity to move back to Thessaloniki.  He has the key to his flat and has lined up some men to do the work.  This alone, being back among people who care about him, should improve his spirits.

Thursday, 18 April, 2013

Thought you might like to see  a bit of the inside of a Greek hospital.  The first photo is the emergency room lobby.  You take a number from that tall, white box and wait to see your number flashing at a window.

And here, if it comes out, is a short video showing you the outpatient area.

Out total costs today (as I have no Greek health insurance):  8 Euros; 5 for the hospital, 3 to have more x-rays taken.  So, about $12 in all.                    
Oh, and the shots I take in the belly cost 6 Euros for 4 of them.  They're the same ones my neighbor Francis takes, in Richmond; she paid $96 for four of them.

The verdict today was:  no cast after all; the splint will do.  I must never put any weight on it.  On Holy Thursday, we are to take more x-rays to see if healing has begun.  If not (because of the crack being wide), surgery.  The surgery is tricky, because when you try to screw such a tiny bone together, the screw itself can split the bone.  Please pray for me; the very last thing I want is surgery in a Greek hospital!!!


Steve Finnell said...
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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Well, I see neither the photo nor the video came out. Oh, well. I will figure t out eventually.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Well, I see neither the photo nor the video came out. Oh, well. I will figure t out eventually.

DebD said...

Anastasia- I'm so sorry for your spill and possible surgery. I'll keep you in my prayers and add you to our ladies Blessed Mat. Olga prayer group.

Happy Anniversary (a bit late)

elizabeth said...

Will be praying! crutches can help but you will need a LOT of time with your foot up - you don't want it to heal wrong or be delayed in healing...

Anam Cara said...

Oh, my! I hadn't seen any posts recently. I am so sorry - you will certainly be in my prayers! Do as the doctor says! Don't put any weight on it. And be sure to get the calcium you need for proper healing!