Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sorry for the Silence...

We have made an emergency trip to Greece, on account of Demetrios' brother, Christos, who is quite sick.  Thanks be to God, it doesn't turn out to be a life-and-death emergency after all, although the man is very sick.  In addition to heart problems, Christos has the most severe osteoporosis Demetrios has ever seen, plus a severe intestinal problem we won't describe, but it prevents him eating very much or very often, and as he doesn' take his vitamins and other supplements, it now appears he as severe malnutrition.  Probably malabsorption has something to do with that.  Anyway, what triggered our premature trip to Greece was, he now suffers from such profound weakness that most days, by afternoon, he can no longer even hold is head up.  He sits in a chair with his head leaning on a table.  Demetrios has taken him to his doctor, who was "very persuasive" in making the case for this weakness being psychosomatic.  The man is very, very unhappy and tired of living.

The week before we came, I was so busy getting the house in Richmond into apple-pie order that I had no time for blogging.  We've been here a week now, and it takers about that long (at my age) to adjust to the jet lag.  Plus, the Internet cafe from which I have always comunicated has not survived the economic turndown; it's closed and shuttered and wearing a "For Rent"sign.

Luckily, just before leaving home, I bought an iPad.  It, however, does't (yet) have the proper SIM card for use here, so I can only get Internet access when I'm somplace that has WIFI.  One great thing is that when I do have access, I can use Facetime, for free, both to see and to hear by children and grandchildren.

Demetrios and I converged here from two different places; he had been in England for a couple of weeks to attend the wedding of James (one of his godsons) and Kim.

Now that I have a camera I know how to use (the iPad), I will post some photos as soon as I figure out how to do it.  I managed to upload a couple to my other blog (a blog I use strictly for testing things) but after that, the process wouldn't work any more...  I have taken a short video or two, also, and will try to share those here.

Our plans remain fluid (in other words, we have none) depending upon developments with Christos.  Please pray for him, and for us.  Thank you!

P.S.  I do not know how to type well on this thing yet!



Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Praying for you all, Anastasia!

Anam Cara said...

We will add you all to our prayer list which seems to be growing at a frantic pace!

I have an old iPad (before cameras), but my daughter has a new one and posts pictures all the time. We love them. You'll get used to it in no time at all.

Chocolatesa said...