Monday, August 31, 2009

The Communist (?) and the Patriarch

Most readers here probably remember the Ecumenical Patriarch's visit to Cuba not all that long ago.  After the visit, Fidel Castro asked the Patriarch to send Orthodox books and other educational material to be distributed throughout Cuba's school system.  Then came news that Castro had personally donated both land and money to build an Orthodox cathedral in Cuba.  That cathedral, St. Nicholas, was recently consecrated, and Raoul Castro, Fidel's brother, attended.  An official deed and key to the cathedral were handed over to the Orthodox.

Now comes more astonishing news:  Fidel Castro has donated a "large, colonial-style building" in downtown Havana to the Church, to be an Orthodox seminary, where Cubans and any other Latin Americans may study. 

What's going on here?  Has Cuba's dictator not so secretly converted?  Fidel, they say you are dying, but it sounds to me like you're very much living up to your name. 


Chris said...

Communists have never found an institution that they can't try to infiltrate and exploit for their own radical agenda.

Anonymous said...


This is amazing....However, God works in mysterious ways....and as my brother Nick would say--why not through why not through ole' Fidel.

Mimi said...

I see merits to both arguments in the comments.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Yes, I too can see merits to both sides.

However, in this case, the regime has handed control over to the Orthdox. These institutions are NOT to be state run or state controlled. So it seems this is done in good faith.

Besides, if you want to be anti-Orthodox, why bring it into your country in the first place? Keeping it out would seem a better option than importing it and then infiltrating what you've imported.

Deacon Benjamin Harju said...

It isn't unusual for people Castro's age with Castro's health to start getting more friendly with religion.

Anonymous said...

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