Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here, courtesy of Chris, is a picture of the kitty we have been bottle-feeding. Maddy and I took her back to Chris today, to be reunited with her brother and sister. Yup, it was a bit difficult for both of us to part with her! (That's Chris' sofa in the picture.)

Notice how much smaller she is than her siblings She's catching up some, though. She'll always be petite.

She now lives in a mesh playpen, and is learning to climb the sides and to eat kitten chow in between bottles, and to use a litter box. And how to play with the other kitties.

Today I also "traded in" Maddy for her younger sister, Elizabeth, 9. She is also a sweetie, and I'm looking forward to a wonderful week with her doing little girl things, as last week was a wonderful week with Madison, doing big girl things.

Again, there won't be much time for blogging.

When I do get back to it, I'm going to start with a post summarizing points I've made before about why you must not accept any theology that contradicts itself.


elizabeth said...

Very cute kitten. Glad she is well enough to be with her siblings!

margaret said...

Congratulations, kitty. I'm glad she's stronger and can get on with having a good kitteny life.

Mimi said...

Oh she's adorable, good nursemaiding!