Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mamma and the Postman, 02

My aged Greek mother-in-law was worrying one cloudy day how to get her lawn chair inside before the rain should begin.  When the mailman arrived, she thought she saw her chance.  Pointing to the lawn chair, folded and leaning on the fence, she asked him in Greek to bring it to her. 

He couldn't understand; he shrugged and smiled and started to leave.  He had gotten as far as the fence when Mamma cried, "No, no, no!"  And then in a flurry of Greek, she explained again that he should bring her the chair that was leaning on the fence.  Again she pointed to it.

Again he could not understand what she wanted, and turned to depart.  Again, as he reached the fence, she called him back, this time with more desperation in her voice, pointing toward where the chair was leaning.

Finally, the letter carrier thought he had deciphered the crazy old woman's wishes and to humor her, vaulted over the fence instead of walking around it.


Matushka Anna said...

LOL!!! That poor man! But what a sweetie to do it! (c;

elizabeth said...

oh dear! how sweet and cute and funny...