Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Golden Key

In the past few days, four television reporters have been fired the first time they uttered any word of dissent from government policy. Two of them have been jailed, a third says he expects to be. One has even been indicted.

In the latest incident, some hackers got into the files of the Ministry of Finance and there found a lot of highly incriminating information about numerous high muckety-mucks. These hacked files came to the desk of a TV reporter, a Mr. Spyros something, who Monday announced on his show that he would be making them public. He was arrested on his way home that very evening. As he walked past the Israeli Embassy, someone inside it signaled with a light, and immediately two squads of police appeared and arrested the reporter. He was taken on Tuesday to court, where large crowds gathered to support him.

This government has a neat way of covering themselves: the same day they do something against the law, they pass new legislation legalizing it. You think some new law flat-out contradicts the Constitution? Take it to the courts! No matter to the crooks; the reporters are already in jail. And you’ll find the courts are stuffed with crooked members of the same gang.

What makes it seem so unreal, I think, is that words like “judge” and “President” are virtually synonymous with “justice” in our minds.

The golden key, said to open all doors, can also lock them all tight.