Monday, October 22, 2007

Glory, Glory, Glory!

Kostas is fine.

It was a very long operation, so long I managed to do a Sudoku puzzle labeled, "evil" -- the other ratings being "easy, medium, and hard". It began at 10:15 this morning. First news we had was at 2:30, when we were told all was going very well. Period. Next news came at 4:30; we were told it had taken all that time just to GET TO the heart, and now the valve replacement would begin. The surgeon emerged, all smiles, at 6:15. He said it had gone better than expected.

We left Mena at around 7:30; she was still waiting to be allowed a glimpse of him.

Demetrios and I celebrated with a nice dinner and a glass of wine at a little restaurant near our house.

Glory to God for all things! Glory to God for life and, yes, for death, if we are Christians, and for surgeons and for good friends and for all your prayers. Please keep praying now, for a good recovery.

More good news: Lizzie wants to become Orthodox!

She's my niece, Barbara's 7-year-old daughter.

More later; we're exhausted now.


DebD said...

such good news from all your family on both sides of the Atlantic!

William Weedon said...

Deo gratias!!!

Adam said...

As a double heart valve replacement patient, CONGRATS!!!

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