Sunday, October 28, 2007

Update on Kostas

This evening, we visited Kostas in the hospital. He is MUCH better! He is no longer being sedated, and is much more like himself.

He told us that at one point, he thought he had died. He said he felt an enormous shock go through his whole body and concluded his body had died, although he could still think.

Most likely what he felt was the electroshock administered to get his heart started again once the valve had been replaced.

Anyway, by now he knows he is alive, and by now it appears he will stay alive for the time being. He and Mena are still planning to come back to America with us next October, and I reminded him we are going to hold them to that plan.

He was happy and humorous, but grew tired after a short while, so we left.

We are extremely grateful for all your prayers. I must confess I forgot to tell him about them tonight, but I promise to remember tomorrow.


Christopher D. Hall said...

I'm just now catching up from when I was gone on vacation and missed the opportunity to pray for Kostas! Perhaps God will hear my prayers retroactively, or better, I will pray for his continued recovery, giving thanks for the gifted surgeon as well.

Glory to God!