Sunday, February 3, 2008

Atonement: the Movie

Don't bother.

It's a tragic romance. The requisite sex scene, although by no means all that graphic, is considerably longer than it need be, and the gore is mostly (not entirely) gratuitous.

I have two main problems with this film:

1. You never learn enough about the personality or character of either of the lovers to be able to empathize with their love, only their lust, if you so choose (maybe even if you don't). You have no idea what, if anything, they see in each other, other than good looks.

2. The atonement? Pitiful, wholly inadequate, unreal, non-redeeming, doesn't work emotionally or in any other way. If you won't give me a happy ending, at least give me a satisfying one, something to take away from the ashes and rubble.

Other considerations such as good cinematography and several truly breath-taking twists of plot raise this movie, in my estimation, from zero to maybe three stars out of five. Maybe.

But you probably have much better uses for your time and money.


Asbestos Lawyers Philadelphia said...

Excellent all star cast who each gave beautiful, touching performances. Of course, the acting is topped by Vanessa Redgrave's performance at the end.The photography is superb - it tells the story so well.