Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cultured Squirrels

Mozart the squirrel has a foster brother now, very nearly his own age (stage of development), even though smaller. We obviously had to name him Beethoven. They snuggle up to each other and both are doing very well.

In the process of picking out Beethoven, I also relieved my fellow rehabber Angela (who by then had a dozen of them) of two 7-day-old squirrels, about the size of my thumb. They are doing less well. So far, I can’t seem to keep them properly hydrated. I’m giving ‘em all they can eat (almost 1 cc) every 2 hours, and just now I injected IV fluids under their skin. I’ll be too worried to sleep tonight until this problem clears up.

At least they have learned to accept the formula well, and suck at the nipple eagerly.

My young helper, Emily, named them Puer and Puella, which she says is the Latin for “boy” and “girl.”