Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The daffodils are up and blooming; some people's are even nearly finished blooming. Ornamental pear trees, albeit only a few of them, are in bloom, and today I even spotted three small cherry trees full of blossoms, plus forsythia.

That makes it undeniable: Spring has arrived in Richmond.

Barbara awoke yesterday under the impression she had died and gone to heaven. Then she saw Daniel sitting beside her, and concluded he must somehow have died, too.

"Are we BOTH in heaven?" she asked her husband.

She must have been feeling very good indeed to have supposed that!

Your prayers are definitely having their effect. She is showing herself already victorious over suffering and death. It's not the miracle we had prayed for, but a miracle it certainly is - and a far more important one, at that, than the one we had desired!

One thing she is showing us is, it can always be Spring in our hearts.

P.S. We're back here in Richmond only until morning, when we head back to Barbara. Car trouble and exhaustion account for our brief return.