Monday, January 30, 2012

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

Yesterday in church we sat next to a girl about two and a half years old, we think, who looked at us with enormous, searching, soulful, serious eyes.  After a few moments, she began talking to Demetrios, who was next to her, but as it was all babytalk he understood very little.  Her mother said the child was asking Demetrios his name.  So he told her and she continued the conversation.  All he could do was beam at her.  And somehow, the age gap melted away; this old man and this toddler were meeting beautiful soul-to- beautiful soul, as equals, in a communion that transcended all such matters as age or gender or nationality or language or anything else. 

And no, it was not a distraction from the worship; it was part of it. 

After church, I commented that it had been so beautiful it had actually brought tears to my eyes, and Demetrios said that was exactly how he had felt, like crying.  And he wondered if that's how paradise will be.

Of course it will be - and is, for the Christian life is a large measure of paradise already!