Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update on our Friend, John

Thanks again and yet again to all of you who sent John your supportive messages.  They have meant more to him than they would even to most people, I think.  He has been deeply moved by your well-wishes and prayers. 

Last night, we found John eating his supper, and he ate well, considering he wasn't hungry and it was hospital food, after all.  (I did still have to cut up his pork chop for him, and open the little plastic tub of diced peaches and pears.) 

He has been moved off the ward where he had been, since he no longer needs the telemetry available there.  He is also no longer connected to an IV, we noticed.  No extra fluids, no IV medications.

He reported having walked 85 steps yesterday, with a walker but otherwise unsupported.  He sits up in a chair two or three times a day for half an hour at a time. He even cracked a joke or two. 

He was to have been transferred to a rehab facility by today, but that isn't going to happen for a while.  John is pretty closed-mouthed about his condition, so we don't know why or what this apparent set-back is. It still seems to us that every day is an improvement over the day before.

Thanks again for your support, which has unquestionably been a MAJOR factor in his recovery.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am **so** very glad that John is continuing to make good progress ! Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers !

123 said...

Today is the Feast of Sts Cyrus and John, the Unmercenary Healers.

Holy father John, pray to God for John.