Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Observation on the Latest Presidential Debate

Did you catch what Newt Gingrich said?  That he agrees with Ron Paul except on Iran (and presumably Israel, which I'm guessing he forgot to mention)?  Agrees with Ron Paul!  Yes, he said so.

Of course he was merely pandering to Paul supporters, but his statement cuts two ways:  either people who think Ron Paul's stances are wacky ought not to vote for Gingrich, either; or else, if you think Gingrich isn't wacky, then apparently neither is Ron Paul.



123 said...

They're both wacky, but only one of them is honest.

Anam Cara said...

One has to decide who he MOST agrees with before he votes. Also, I believe that Gingrich didn't say that he agreed with EVERYTHING except Iran. He agrees with some things and Iran is a major exception, but you will find more than just that as differences between the two.

My problem is that I find a little something in each candidate that I like and a lot in each that I don't like. So my decision is going to have to be who is closest and what views can I compromise on.