Monday, February 20, 2012


Saturday the weather was so warm we didn't even wear jackets.  Then Sunday afternoon it began snowing, and kept on and kept on.  And we aren't exactly snowbound, because it is already melting and will be back in the 60s Fahrenheit, by Wednesday.  But a transformer in our neighborhood blew up, and our whole block has been without power since Sunday evening.

Our house is all-electric.  Its amazing how many things we use that rely upon electricity, including, as we've discovered, our Verizon FIOS service.  We can't even call for help, should we need it.  (Another reason to get a cell phone!!!)  Fortunatey, we do have one radio and a couple of clocks that run on batteries.  But we can't have a hot drink or a hot breakfast, or use a heating pad, or turn on lights, or use the computer, nor wash the clothes or dry them.  Or shower (more than once).  And the temp inside our refrigerator is the same as the temp outside it.  We do have a camp-style cooler, large, so some of the food can go in there for the nonce.

I got out two flashlights and put a jar candle in the bathroom overnight, and we snuggled under the comforters (duvets) and were fine. 

We're at Barnes and Noble now, where they have hot drinks and heating.Planning to spend most of the day here at the mall.  Lunch at the foodcourt.

Oh well, a little adventure spices up life some.  And it's a beautiful day, with bright blue skies, sonw-deorated trees that seem to be in blossom, and he streets are already mostly clear.  That's the kind of snow I like; it should look gorgeous and then go away.

UPDATE:  Mid afternoon and we've just ogtten back froimt he bookstore to find our house warm, lit, and online. 


Sarah in Indiana said...

Glad to hear you have power back. We're all electric at our house, too, and I've given some thought to how we've handle it if we lost power for any length of time. Fortunately, since we've lived here, it's never more than flickered, and that very rarely. We live fairly close to a major hospital, so we suspect that helps.