Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back to Life

Finally I'm almost back to normal after a chest-and-head bug that has had me mostly in bed for 10 days now.  I didn't feel like blogging; didn't even feel like knitting, and that should tell you a lot!  I'm still dragging and my abdominal muscles are sore from having done the equivalent, in coughs, of a thousand sit-ups, but my cough is mostly gone, sore throat no longer sore, head no longer drippy, and the nausea has receded.  Thank heaven!  How wonderful, to be able to draw a clear breath!

Meanwhile, my prodigy of a godson has written an extensive review of a book by a Lutheran pastor.  The book is, A Lutheran Looks at ... Eastern Orthodoxy, by Robert Koester.  I have to say, Subdeacon Benjamin (Harju) is an awesome theologian!  His insights are deep, his gift for expression is great.  He holds back nothing, yet keeps his tone irenic.  If you are interested in a comparative look at these two traditions, Lutheranism and Orthodoxy, this is a must-read.

You can find the first installment (of 5)  here; then to find subsequent installments, scroll up.


Weekend Fisher said...

Welcome back. I had no idea you were sick. Glad you're feeling better.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF