Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catch-up and Preview

We've just returned (last night) from a short vacation at the beach, at the Outer Banks, to be specific. Poor Demetrios had overworked his brain, trying to get the second portion of his book written, and needed a rest. So we did a lot of resting in a quiet hotel in the off-season. We went around to all our old haunts, our favorite places between Corolla and Cape Hatteras. We poked around in antique shops and art galleries. We dug for fossils in a fossil pit. We toured around the North Carolina Aquarium, which we hadn't done for years. We walked on the beach in the morning and at sunset. We finally found the place to get some good food, even given our Lenten restrictions: the Black Pelican.  Besides great food at prices only slightly higher than the crummy food and including lots of vegetarian fare, it comes with a rich history and a moving "Legend of the Black Pelican".  (Click the link to read all about it.)  The first thing you encounter upon entering the restaurant is a sign, "The Wright Brothers Were Here". 

Our favorite store, Michael's (the glass shop in the Tangers Outlet Mall) is gone. It had sun catchers, marbles, glass jewelry, glass figurines, bags of tumbled rocks, kaleidoscopes, plus fossils and geodes and all sorts of wonderful things.   :-( 

Oh, well, eventually everything there will be gone.  What the nor'easters and hurricanes don't pick off, the rising sea level (a projected 4-5 feet within 20 years) will.  Plus, the islands are drifting inexorably west.  One just has to make the most of the here and now.

On arriving home, I found a good friend had posted this video on FB, thinking it hilarious.  I must've been in a bad mood or something, because I found it sad, making fun of Holy Baptism. 

As a result, I'm planning to post a multi-part series on the Mystery of Holy Baptism, what it means, what it accomplishes, and some of its many, rich layers of symbolism. I won't have time to begin working on it before Tuesday, but shortly after that, the first post should appear. Please pray I may write it well.


Chris said...

I too found it distressing. This woman obviously thinks that baptism is just some little ceremony and then you're off to the party. How dare other churches, particularly the Orthodox, actually go to great lengths to baptize a child because it actually means something and accomplishes something?

Her description of her side of the family's reaction is telling as to how baptism, especially among western Christians, is retained mainly for symbolic and cultural reasons.

matushka constantina said...

Hi Anastasia! It's been so long since we've communicated...

Anyway, I just wanted to comment and say John and I (now Fr. John, actually) both found that clip very disturbing. I love your multi-part response though!

Hope you and Dr. Demetrios are well!

Anonymous said...

At least she could have "dunked" three times!

The inspiration for you to write on baptism was good thing!