Saturday, March 10, 2012

Excerpts from the Akathist Hymn to the Most Holy Mother of God...

... which we chant, together with Small Compline, on Friday nights in Lent.  Here are some of the passages that struck me as ones I'd like to share with you.

More exalted than the heavens, O immaculate Maid, rejoice as the one who carried earth's Foundation painlessly in your womb.  Rejoice, O murex who dyed in your own virgin blood the divine robe worn by the King of angelic hosts. 

Lady, truly you gave birth to the divine Giver of the law Who erases freely everybody's record of lawlessness.  Incomprehensible depth and height unspeakable, O unwedded Maid, rejoice.

Fiery chariot of God the Word, O rejoice, Lady, living garden of paradise, which in its center contains the tree of life, the Lord Whose deliciousness gives life to those who eat with faith, who were subject to decay.

From you has dropped the refreshing Dew, undoing polytheism's fever, and we therefore say to you, Rejoice, fleece that was wondrously bedewed, O holy Virgin, which Gideon foresaw.

Bride of God, Rejoice, who carried in your womb the Healer of the human race.  Rejoice, o mystical Rod, who caused to blossom forth the Flower that will never wilt away.