Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Dream

My family was all in a boat, speeding over the shining water. The sky was filled with sunshine. In the prow of the boat, at the point in the very front, stood Barbara. Of course. That's both physically and symbolically where she would stand. She was wearing khaki shorts and white tee shirt and was turned toward us, her hair blowing in the wind, grinning and waving gleefully. As if to say, "Woo-hoo! What a ride!" Which is what she would say.

Yeah, quite a ride, this life. And look who all are in the boat with us, standing in the prow.



Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

It's odd. I had a dream with my dad in it--the first since his repose--about this same evening.

We were wrestling, as we used to do when I was little. I didn't look at his face--I was intent on doing my best. Despite my efforts, he was getting the better of me and was about to pin me. Then I looked at his face, and it was young again, the way he looked when I was very small. "Daddy!" I said, "your face! You're young again!" "Yes, I know," he responded. "Isn't it wonderful?" Then he backed off and was gone.