Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sun Room

Our new sun room has changed our whole way of living. We eat breakfast in it and listen to music afterwards. I bring my laptop and do my correspondence and blog in it. I bring Lucky Egg, too, the baby Bluebird, and he sits in his nest or on his perch and preens his feathers, ridding them of their remaining sheaths, and flaps his beautiful cobalt wings for exercise. And I pop a bit into his mouth when he chirps for food. Demetrios does his medical reading in the sun room, too. We can see the sunshine and the greenery, hear the birds singing, watch (and on mild days, feel) the breeze. We sit here in the rain and watch the storm’s fireworks in the sky and the rivulets forming on the ground. We have lunch here and leave reluctantly afterwards for our nap. We eat supper here and then sit and watch the twilight deepen and the stars come out. In some ways it’s as delightful as our little balcony in Thessaloniki. We don‘t feel closed in, as we do in other rooms; we feel out-of-doors. Yet we can be comfortable here year-round, or at least we expect to.

We don’t go out nearly as much, or for as long, as we used to, just to get out of the house. With gasoline prices as they are, that’s a good thing!

We never dreamed we’d love this sun room so much!

Economic times have gotten significantly harder even since we began this project last Fall, so we are very fortunate to have done it while we still could.



Randy Asburry said...

Sounds marvelous, Anastasia! What time is breakfast in the morning? I'd love to join you! :-)

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Around 8:00 or so.

Come on over ! (You'll need to arrive the evening before, of course...)