Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Birthday Party Pictures

(Click on them to enlarge.)

Thats DD, DS-I-L, and Sydney Elizabeth with Wallye the Warthog, mascot of the local baseball team and a huge favorite of Sydney's, who came to surprise her. She had met him before, at a baseball game. (Yes, that's how he spells his name. I know because he gave his autograph to several children, who thanked him by giving him theirs in return.)

It was raining, so the party, planned for outdoors, was held in a small tent and in the garage, where this picture was taken.

Pizza with friends

Fun in the rain

After having eaten a red lollipop. That's a dalmatian raincoat on little Anna. Some of the younger children went through two changes of clothes, but the sporadic rain didn't affect anybody's fun.